This is how to restore true democracy

Electoral Reform Suggestions by RAM

1) A voting booklet to every home, explaining how to vote, the electorate’s rights and obligations and all the candidates and their contact details, to ensure we can make an informed choice. 

2) Identity to be produced prior to receiving the ballot papers, at polling booths. 

3) Voting and preferencing to be optional (the abolishment of back room preference deals). 

4) Counting of votes to be such that it elects the most preferred candidate (abolish two party counting). 

5) An independent Authority to oversee electoral reform and police election conduct, with the ability to make changes in line with the demands of the electorate, not parliament. 

6) The introduction of accountability for electoral promises. 

7) All ballot papers to have candidates details alongside their voting squares. 

8) The introduction of a rotating ballot paper in regard to the candidates’ names to eliminate “how to vote cards” and “The benefits of donkey votes to any one candidate". 

9) All ballot papers to be filled in with a permanent marker, and any mistakes to be allotted a new ballot paper. 

10) General election disputes to be based on merit with the support of the electoral authority. 

11) Regular enrolment checks and balances. 

12) Introduce Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR) that are applied online through a cheap and secure voting app, so we can freely choose how we design our social system, as well as who represents us (including being able to sack any elected member who lies to us, or does not act in our best interests).


Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR)

Bringing the Power to the People

 How CIR could work in Australia:

1. Section 128 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 states that ONLY the people voting in a referendum can amend the Constitution. 

2. However, the constitution drafters gave only the politicians the right to start a referendum. They have not been doing their job: 44 Referendums since 1901 -- Only 8 approved by the people, because the failed ones were power grabs by the political parties. The Australian people are not stupid. 

3. To get the right to Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) We, the People of the Commonwealth must vote in a referendum to amend Section 128 to put the power into the hands of the voters to start a referendum (or force the Parliament with enough numbers). 

4. The Constitution does not state any rules for starting a referendum by the people...but the political parties have made up a rule that any Australian voter must gather the signatures of 1% of the population, currently about 250,000 signatures, to accompany a proposed Referendum to be submitted to Parliament.